The artistic process can be a beautiful flow of channeled inspiration from heart to canvas one day followed by a destructive retaliation of my brain the next. Yet, despite this relentless dance for dominance that painting epitomizes, it has proved to be my most cherished meditation and has been an instrumental guide for seeking out and exploring many doors of perception.

     Subsequently, my work has gone through many stylistic and subjective iterations, however a continuous, intuited theme of expressing the kinetic and ethereal aspects of this boundless thing we call “energy” has united most of these transitions. What began as a subconscious gravitation towards this subject has not only persisted, but expanded into an insatiable and meandering journey of discerning the many truths of our existence.

     A prominent result of that exploration has been a complete deconstruction of many of my previously held belief systems, shifting much of what I used to accept as truth into completely new perspectives on reality and what is actually humanly possible. In essence, we are living deeply immersed in a multidimensional reality where everything in our existence is fundamentally composed of vibrating energy that is in a constant state of flux, and nothing in our reality is, in fact, “solid”. This energy has also been found to be responsive to and reflective of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we as individuals and together collectively send out to the world.

     The potential implications for the comprehension and embodiment of this concept by world societies is nothing short of paradigm shifting as it deeply penetrates every aspect of our lives and has the potential to redirect humanity onto a much more harmonious timeline.

     By piercing the veil of these inter-dimensional realms and offering interpretations of this pervasive undercurrent of conscious vibration for the viewer, my intentions are simply to share perspectives and ideas, inspire curiosity towards something beyond their current paradigm, to incite an inner exploration of some of the intrinsic aspects of being human which are generally lost in mainstream narratives, and perhaps to even spark a deep-rooted remembering as to who, and how innately powerful YOU are.